Puppy Contract

Autumn Fire Gun Dogs
Puppies Contract

Gerald Hills
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Our vet service is provided by Garrison Animal Hospital

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​​Autumn Fire Gun Dogs

1. Seller agrees to sell the above puppy at our kennel for a total price of $900 including deposit.

2. Seller guarantees puppy has been examined by a licensed vet and has been deemed healthy.  Puppy is up to date on shots normally given in our area. A record of all vet work will be provided at the time of sale.

3. Seller will redeem purchase price or pay reasonable vet costs, not to exceed the purchase price, if puppy is deemed unhealthy by a licensed vet within 72 hours of purchase. Examination is at the buyer’s expense.  If puppy is returned, buyer by will pay expenses.

4. Seller guarantees puppy will be a serviceable companion dog and free of common genetic     problems for the life of the dog. Reasonable training will furnished by buyer.  Seller will reimburse the purchase price upon receipt of written notice of such a diagnosis.  Buyer is responsible for vet expense and return of the dog if such an issue should arise.   The best interest of the dog will be considered in this event.

5. Buyer agrees to furnish dry comfortable housing, exercise and reasonable vet care including heart worm preventive, other worming vaccinations and any other care normally done by vets in the puppies new home area.

6. Buyer agrees to keep the puppy in good mental and physical condition to help alleviate any health issues.

7. Seller agrees to release puppy at eight weeks when cash or other suitable payment  has been received. We reserve the right to keep puppies longer when air travel is involved.

8. Buyer agrees to name the puppy with the suffix  "of the Autumn Fire" As April Rose Of the Autumn Fire.

9. Seller assumes no responsibility for the actions of this puppy after he has left our control.

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