Dad Wants a Bird Dog

Ava & Sunny 2014 puppy
Ole is presently a guide dog in Pennsylvania

*Photo coutesty of Willow Creek Kennels*

At Autumn Fire we breed only Proven Bird Dogs. 
 (All you need is a gun and a place to hunt).

All puppies have tails docked and dew claws removed at three to four days. 
First shots and  tail docking by a licensed vet (Eskedal). 
Fecal checks and wormed if necessary at four and six weeks. 

We breed Hillhaven Hustler bred German Shorthaired pointers selected for natural ability, calmness and trainability.  We do AKC hunt testing on most of our breeding stock.  Our dogs are bred for foot hunting bird hunters and family dogs.  We occasionally have puppies and started dogs available.  We do very limited training and seminars.

At Autumn Fire puppies are our business.  They are not a sideline to add a little income to a training kennel or shooting preserve.  Our litters are carefully planned and bloodlines researched.  We do not sell dog food or other dog related products and will not endorse a product for personal gain.  Puppies come first at our kennel.   

We believe it is critical for puppies to have interaction with humans from a very early age.  For this reason all Autumn Fire puppies are born in the warm friendly environment of our attached garage.  We do the BioSensor program on all puppies and socializing several times daily as well as noise conditioning.  Puppies are fed a performance diet.  All medical work is done by a licensed vet.  This includes tail docking, dew claw removal, health checks, shots and worm medication.

Our puppies know our voices before their eyes are open.  They are handled several times daily and like being held.  They run in the field and are allowed to explore and make mistakes.  We shoot blank guns and shot guns before feeding once or twice a day.  What they lose in the whelping box is never regained.  They will accept training easier and retain it better.  They score higher on aptitude tests and are generally healthier.  Field trialers and other people in dog competitions are realizing this.

Our puppies are sold with permanent registration.  We do not restrict or charge extra for breeding rights.  We feel when you buy a puppy it should be yours to do what you see fit.  We are, however, strong advocates of spaying and neutering and hope new owners will use discretion.  Dog breeding, done right, is a tough and expensive game.  Spaying and neutering at an early age eliminates many health risks connected with reproduction in both sexes.  We do not guarantee our dogs as breeding stock.

Consider Autumn Fire for your next companion/hunting dog.

Connie and Jerry Hills
Autumn Fire Gun Dogs

All puppies are $900 with a $100 non-refundable deposit.

**We reserve the right to the first pick if we choose to keep a puppy.**

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Mom Likes This One

​We reserve the right of first pick

if we choose to do so.

This is "Tico", a male pup from our Babe and Rosco 2010 litter.  Proudly owned by Jennifer and Nick Peterson of Minnesota.  He is their house pet at home and is currently guiding for Willow Creek Kennels in Texas, with only a few weeks of training.  He is under seven months at the time of this photo.  Jennifer and Nick plan to run him in hunt tests in the spring.  We are very much looking forward to seeing them all on the curcuit. 

One male and one female available.  Very nice liver roan puppies.  Started in crate training.  Have had second round of shots.  10 weeks old.  Exceptional family bird dogs from our Ava and Tug litter who will perform well in any venue $950

For information on Tug, visit

​Call or text for an appointment or phone conversation 218-821-8672

This is Belle, a female pup sired by Nick, born in March 2011.  She is a guide dog in North Dakota.  She is a very natural bird dog.  This photo is Belle at about 7 months .

Picking a Puppy

*Photo compliments of Mike Bauer*

Pedigrees available on request.
Require Phone conversation or personal visit.
 Call 218-821-8672 or E-mail 

for appointment


Ava & Sunny 2016 Puppy - 7 months

​​Autumn Fire Gun Dogs

Autumn Fire Gun Dogs Puppies