Autumnfire's Jacob of the Sundance Pedigree

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Ava of the Autumn Fire Pedigree
April Rose of Autumnfire Pedigree

 Autumn Fire’s Jacob of The Sundance  Aka(Sunny)  Sunny is a very nice young naturally talented bird dog.  Bred by Fred Rice of Sundance Kennels.  He is a double bred grandson of Jacob VD Westwind.  
He finished his Masters passing 6 of 9.  His hips are OFA excellent and elbows are normal.  He is available to approved females.  Current Brucelloisis test required.   

Ava of the Autumn Fire Pedigree

​Babe came to us from a kennel in Iowa at 22 months as  a very shy, submissive Girl. After building up her self esteem she became our best grouse dog and a super big country dog on Sharptails and Huns and easily passed her master tests.  Babe is a AKC Master Hunter.  She is OFA good ,CERF clear and cardiac normal. She is DNA profileed. She is a very accomplished bird dog who finished her master in 09 after taking time off to have puppies. She passed 6 of 8 tests and was high point dog in three of her tests. She is our best rough grouse dog and a very good open country dog on Huns and sharptails.   Retired​

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This is "Last Chance" from our last year Ava and Tug breeding.  We decided to keep the last puppy.  He is an exceptional bird dog, swims like a beaver and does everything you want.  We hope to use him on our breeding program when he gets a little older.

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​Ava of the Autumn Fire Ava is a young female from our  kennel.   Roscoe and Babe 2012 litter. She is a very  nice young female and is starting her master training. Her excellent conformation and natural ability made her our choice when we reduced our kennel size she will be in our breeding program and is about a month pregnant in these photos.  Ava is OFA excellent.​

Autumn Fire's Long Shot Gamble MH (Rosco) had five master passes before his second birthday and passed 6 of 9. He is a calm, friendly dog. He is my demo dog at pointing dog clinics and does the backing at the clinics. He is a true example of what we mean by bird dog. He is the complete package. He is the sire of our 2010 Babe litter. He is double bred Snip's Ticked Off. His grandsire is FC Cebournes Shake rattle and Roll (roller).    SOLD

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April Rose of Autumn Fire (Rosie) is from our Nick and Babe breeding in 2008 .  Rosie finished her master in 2011 and will be in our breeding program this year 2012.