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About Autumn Fire Gun Dogs

Welcome to Autumn Fire Gun Dogs.  We are a small kennel in north central Minnesota.  After 20 years of breeding, buying, training and experimenting with puppies from ours and other kennel's programs, we are reducing the size of our kennel and will be breeding one or two litters a year.  Our females will be selected from our breeding program.  We will be using some stud dogs from outside kennels.  We are starting with a new generation of females, who will carry on our tradition of bird dogs/family dogs.  As always our dogs are chosen for their natural pointing, backing, bird finding and retrieving skills.  They are all people oriented dogs who will perform in the field and equally as well as family members.  All are from AKC master hunter breeding's for several generations, with some field trial, NAVDHA and  NSTRA blood.


The Sam Saint Max dogs are doing very well. They have the superior learning ability that we like.  Bird hunting is a family tradition with us. We hunt from Lake Superior to the Rocky Mountains and From Canada to Kansas. For this we need people oriented dogs that travel well and can handle many different species of birds.


Our dogs hunt Minnesota Ruffed Grouse, Huns and Sharptails in Montana and Pheasants everywhere. They live in motels or the back of trucks or as guests in friend’s homes. They are also used as guide dogs on preserves and wild birds. We do training seminars at Pheasants forever youth days and advanced hunter classes. They all must earn their living.


We do AKC hunt test to get a handle on where we are compared to other breeders. We have Five Master hunters in our kennel that we have raised and trained.


Our dogs are bred to be people friendly, family oriented bird dogs that you can live with all year. 

We are members of and support: GSPCMN, GSPCofA, Pheasants forever. Quail Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society and Autism Awareness.

We  follow the rules for ethical dog breeders set forth by AKC, GSPCMN and GSPCofA. 

Our puppies or dogs are not allowed to be sold at auctions, used as door prizes or raffled as fund raisers by any organization or individual at any event nor at any level.



"We like our dogs and you might too". 

 Thank You,

Jerry Hills

Autumn Fire Gun Dogs
Aitkin, Minnesota USA
Kennel phone: 218-821-8672
Home phone: 218-927-3819 





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